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Creativity for Business Expansion

We, as humans, grow, and so should our businesses. In other words, business is not left out of the constancy of change. However, it is important to ensure that such change is in the upward direction, and its evidence is in the form of expansion.

When your business takes off, after some period of, say two to three years, you need to do a general review of the business. Has there been any notable expansion, either in your capital, the actual size/volume of what your business offers, its scope of coverage and the customer/client base? If your answer is yes, did you keep track of the actions and strategies that brought about that increase? If so, is there anything you can do even better with more deliberate and conscious efforts? Whatever is the case, one vital tool for the highly needed expansion in business is CREATIVITY.Creativity, however, does not happen by chance. Thinking inspires creativity, and set goals and objectives drive you towards it.     

Creativity is also firmly hinged on belief. You have to strongly believe that you can. When God created man, He must have THOUGHT of it first, and then conceived A CLEAR PICTURE of the outcome of the creature beforehand, but above all, BELIEVED in His ability. In your case, you already thought out a business, and have been doing it for some time. Also, you must have envisaged the future of the business and believed that it is achievable. Now, it is time tocreate new ways of doing things better for your business to grow. At this point, you need to render more goods/ services and ensure that customers are attracted and drawn to your business. You have the power to create demand for your product. When you believe and take practical steps to improve on your approach (REMEMBER: THE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT IS NEVER FILLED UP) the way to do it opens naturally. Believing that something can be done paves the way for creative solutions. Belief releases the creative power that makes your thinking become constructive.

People, including customers, will usually find faults in your business, for whatever reason. It is up to you to be ahead of them in identifying inadequacies. Ask yourself a question like: how can I improve the packaging, appeal and delivery of my products?

There is need for you to become receptive to ideas.  Welcome new ideas, and destroy the feeling of “won’t-work”. Be an experimental person; break up fixed routines and expose yourself to new ways of doing things. For instance, if your business is production, develop an interest in distribution, accounting and other elements of the business. By so doing, you are being creative. It will also give you more breadth and prepares you for broader responsibilities.

Be progressive by asking the questions: HOW DO I DO IT DIFFERENTLY AND BETTER? How can I improve the quality and performance of my product towards absolute perfection? Big success calls for persons who continually set higher standards for themselves and others, persons who are continually searching for ways to increase efficiency and get more output at lower cost, and persons who seek for ways of doing more with lesseffort. These can be done only through creativity.

Top success is reserved for the I- CAN-DO-IT BETTER kind of person. When you ask yourself:“How can I do better”, your creative power is switched on and ways for doing things better reveal themselves.

Word of advice: Devote at least 10 minites of your daily business life to thinking of what you can do to encourage your employees, what special favours you can do for your customers and how you can increase your personal efficiency, as all these will go a long way in boosting your business to greater heights. As you apply the creativity factor in doing business, be it small or big, one thing is certain: YOU WILL SUCCEED MORE AND YOUR BUSINESS WILL EXPERIENCE EXPANSION.

Susan R. George

Susan is the Founder and CEO of Rotdinnah Business Blog. She is an Ex-Civil Servant, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur who has a passion for mentoring young persons and retirees on the importance of going into business. She believes that business is the best avenue for maximizing potentials, achieving financial success and providing sustainable means of livelihood

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