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Doing Business in Retirement

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Doing Business in Retirement


When it comes to business, there actually shouldn’t be any such thing as retirement. Two quick facts that may interest you before we continue this discussion are: there is no limit to the growth of your wealth, and, a business can be turned into a form of exercise which is very much needed in the retirement age.

Doing business in your retirement age will help stop the body cells from dying, as the senses are kept active and serviced. Whenever you stop working, your body starts to die gradually. It may seem satisfying and pleasurable to just sit and watch television the whole day in the name of being retired. This can, however, be counterproductive, as your body systems begin to lose their functionality in the process.

No matter how financially fulfilled you feel, it is necessary that you challenge yourself by doing business all the time, even if as a leisure activity. The analytical, positive thinking, the problem-solving tasks, as well as the creativity functions that business engages you to carry out will help to keep your mind, and by extension, your body, sharpened.

Old age is not the end of the journey; it is a new beginning, a fresh page of life that you have to keep yourself equally refreshed for. The idea is to choose a business venture that will keep your physical and mental faculties productively engaged.

Doing business in your retirement will also create opportunities for you to meet and interact with people to give you the needed drive and boost on the social scale, which also translates to sound mental health.

There have been several reports of retirees dying as a result of loneliness. To be busy and productive gives you a longer lifespan. For instance, you can start a fish pond which requires your attention at least 2 times a day. This keeps you busy and your body exercised. As you watch the fish grow in the pond, it gives you a sense of joy and fulfillment. You may talk about it with your friends and even get them to see the fish as a thing of pride. And you may make some extra money while feeding on the fish as part of your diet, to derive some economic and nutritional benefits.

In retirement, you are entitled to an active and happy life. This can be guaranteed by your engagement in business. Retirement should not be equated with inactivity and unproductiveness. Rather, there should be a change of occupation to a new engagement in the form of business which can be exciting, rewarding and satisfying. Many people see retirees as lambs being led to the slaughterhouse. On the contrary, RETIREMENT IS ONLY A TRANSITION. We thank God who has promised to keep us fruitful even in old age (Ps. 92: 12-14).

Susan R. George

Susan is the Founder and CEO of Rotdinnah Business Blog. She is an Ex-Civil Servant, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur who has a passion for mentoring young persons and retirees on the importance of going into business. She believes that business is the best avenue for maximizing potentials, achieving financial success and providing sustainable means of livelihood

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