Frequently Asked Questions

How can i start a business?

You can start a business by engaging on what you have passion for and you can fine more about the business from those that are already doing the business, also have experience in it.

How can i start a business when i do not have money?

Trade your talent to generate money

Can i get a loan to start business?

Yes you can,but you have to plan very well not to get into debt.

Do i have to engage my family relations in my business?

You do not have to,because sometimes family members destroys the business but close family like your child wife or husband as family is recommended if the need arise

There is a common issue of trust in business, how can i handle that?

Yes there is an issue of trust. Know that business itself is a risk,you have to take a bold step and with wisdom you can conquer and succeed.

Can one start or invest 10million in a business?

Yes but is advisable to start business small and gradually grow big into an empire.

Can i engage in part time business?

Yes you can,especially when you realize you have available time then you can take advantage of it to do your business

Can i start business at age 50?

It is never too late to start any business at that age this is the best period you need to be busy and remain focus.

How can i run my business successfully?

Have a mentor to help you succeed.

What type of business can i engage in?

Go and read all my articles in this blog to enable you make a choice of the type of business you feel you can smoothly engage in to make you not only success but successful business man or woman. ..