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There are two ways of earning money, working for yourself or someone else, and having money work for you.

Working for self or others to earn a living is noble and dignifying, but it is limited because you can’t do it all your life, even if you work long enough, a times will come when you will have to retire from active service on age grounds.

When this happens you had not saved up or invested adequately in your active years, you may end up becoming a liability and a burden to others or you may eventually return to working in your old age, on the other hand, having your money work for you can create and build you Through u a source of income that will last a lifetime.

However, this will not come by sudden flight, it can only be possible through strategic investment during ones active years.

According to investment is simply “Money committed or properly acquired or future income” What that means is that you put your money in something that is able to generate income for future use.

Investing part of your earnings to the sure way to prepare for a comfortable and financially independent future, you can do this by setting aside part of your earnings and investment into any investment vehicles such as bond, stocks, shares, treasury bills, mutual fund, real estate, a new business.

Investment help you to increase your financial worth. Through investment in different ventures, more so, investment help you to earn higher resource than saving your money in the bank, this is investment gives higher rate on returns than saving account.

Susan R. George

Susan is the Founder and CEO of Rotdinnah Business Blog. She is an Ex-Civil Servant, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur who has a passion for mentoring young persons and retirees on the importance of going into business. She believes that business is the best avenue for maximizing potentials, achieving financial success and providing sustainable means of livelihood

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