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Like every other worthwhile endeavor, business relies significantly on strength. By strength, what is meant here is not necessarily physical strength, even though there is a measure of that involved in the venture of business.

We often hear people talk about strengthening their businesses. Strength, in such contexts, usually has to do with the customer/client base, the connections and ties, the competitive edge/advantage, as well as the positive psychological, mental and emotional energy of all the stakeholders in the business. Abstract as these factors may seem, they contribute tremendously to the success of every business.

It is said that light begets light. Similarly, the exploration and injection of the right doses of the above elements in any business will logically make such business reflect profitable fruits.

At the center of all the sources and modes of strength enumerated above stands the business owner(s). Those who run the business have to themselves portray what they want to attract. You, as a business owner, therefore need to make conscious efforts to provide the fertile attitudinal/behavioural ground for the external sources of business strength to thrive on. In order to maintain strength in your business, you have to avoid anything that can weaken you, especially in terms of your psyche and emotions. You need to strive to cultivate positive thought processes, as these will strengthen your enthusiasm and even empower you physically, while also transmitting the right kind of energy to your clients and customers, with your business being the ultimate beneficiary in terms of its outlook and well-being.

We find ourselves in times when physical human strength cannot triumph, what with the predominance of negativity, anxiety, depression and discouragement. It is important to understand that you do not have the capacity to handle certain challenges in business all on your own. However, when you make the right choices over your business, you will have positioned it to derive the strength that will drive it to the destination of your dreams.

Finally, and very importantly, you need to commit your business to God for divine direction, “…for by his own strength shall no man prevail” (1 Sam. 2:9).


Susan R. George

Susan is the Founder and CEO of Rotdinnah Business Blog. She is an Ex-Civil Servant, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur who has a passion for mentoring young persons and retirees on the importance of going into business. She believes that business is the best avenue for maximizing potentials, achieving financial success and providing sustainable means of livelihood

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